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Vehicle Wrapping

Printed and Self Coloured vinyl that conforms to the body panels of the vehicle

Vehicle wrap can transform your company van or car from a simple means of transport to an on-the-go advert, don't just tell them about your products, show them in pictures.

With an ever increasing number of cars on Island roads, and numbers rising each year, that’s a big potential audience for your business.

Vehicle wrapping can make all the difference, with great promotional pictures of your products 

helping your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Deliveries, the daily commute, getting from A to B is an essential part of the working day. So why not help spread the word about your business while you and your employees are out and about, and raise awareness for your company as you drive.

Wrapping can be very cost effective when spread over the life of your vehicle, and can be easily removed once the advert is no longer needed with the added benefit of protecting the paint work.


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